Olde Heart Bread Company

There is something deeply satisfying about the relationships developed between our bakery and our clients. Our products are born of sincere dedication to the craft of artisan baking. Naturally, our restaurant clients want to use products that are made with the same dedication that their chefs have in their kitchens.

These kitchens are home to some of the most devoted craftspeople I’ve ever encountered. Ovens the size of a four-star hotel bathroom cranking at sweltering temperatures, flaming gas ranges, torches, knives a samurai would envy, whirring slicers, popping hot oil, close quarters, long hours and hard work… you get the idea. Commercial kitchens and bakeries can be uncomfortable and dangerous places. It doesn’t take a scientist to deduce that the people who put themselves in the middle of it LOVE what they do.

This devotion doesn’t stop with the kitchens or our bakery; it goes for the local fruit and vegetable growers, the cattle ranchers, poultry farmers, cheese makers, and all of the other local artisan food purveyors in Central Florida. We are all working, very hard, to create a thriving, self-sustaining, food scene in our area. Since all of us are connected, with the consumers as the glue, our success depends on one another.

This shared fate is the material in which these relationships are forged. We do everything we can for our customers and they reciprocate. The mentions in the menus and the placement of our stickers on their doors are reminders that we are all looking out for each other.