Our business is at the mercy of the weather. Over the centuries, bakers around the world have worked to develop their goods, not only with locally available ingredients, but in their own individual climates. For example, crispier breads tend to come from dryer areas. Think puffed crispy Northern Indian…

Olde Heart Bread Company

Shared Fate


There is something deeply satisfying about the relationships developed between our bakery and our clients. Our products are born of sincere dedication to the craft of artisan baking. Naturally, our restaurant clients want to use products that are made with the same dedication that their chefs have in their…


A pale, buttery colored, almost white, cylindrical mass glared at us through a trendy linen-lined metal basket. It sat centered on the table, surrounded by a clutter of wine and water glasses. The four of us looked at each other, puzzled, wondering who would have the nerve to approach…


Ever wonder why big stores tend to only sell fresh breads under the same name? You know, the breads in the perforated plastic baggies with a deli scale labels situated in rustic-looking basket? The primary reason is much deeper than the image, or the aroma of fresh baked bread….