For our Lunchtime review this week we stopped by The Porch. Located in between Fairbanks and Orange Ave in Winter Park The Porch is a local sports bar that is creating a space where any local sports fan to come in, eat and enjoy watching any game they can imagine.  While we waited to be seated, we were able to look around the building and become immersed in watching one of the multiple games that they were showing that day.  

Once we were seated, we decided to start our lunch off with an appetizer, from the “Something to snack on” portion of the menu. While trying to decide what to begin with we became stuck between two options. The healthier choice of Cauliflower bites or the fried Fire Bites. Ultimately, we chose the Fire Bites and we were not disappointed. Fire Bites consisted of House made jalapenos stuffed with a 3-cheese blend and wrapped in applewood bacon and flash fried. They were served on a bed of lettuce with a Sweet Chili Marmalade that enhance the flavors while adding a bit on sweetness to the dish.  

Since it was a first-time experience for the both of us, we decided to go ahead and order two different sandwiches and spilt. We ordered the Pig Master and Early Riser. The Pig Master is their version of a Southern Classic. Smoked Pork smothered in a house-made BBQ sauce, topped high with a tangy chopped slaw, pickled jalapenos, and potato sticks all stacked in between our Olde Hearth’s thick sliced Butter Bread. It was truly a mix of Sweet and Savory, with the crunchy potato sticks and sweet house-made BBQ Sauce. It is a must try when visiting The Porch!

The Early Riser is a burger from their “Meat or Feathers” portion of the menu. It is a burger cooked to taste, stacked with Cheddar Cheese, House Hash Cake, Delicious applewood bacon and topped with a fried egg, crispy onions, and their liquid gold BBQ sauce in between Olde Hearth’s Pretzel Kaiser roll. The original has the burger in between a glazed donut but who can pass up a chance to eat our tasty Pretzel bread. The burger came with the choice of house fries, potato salad, or veggies. But for a $1 more I was able to upgrade my side and get the white Mac and Cheese which was not a disappointment.  The Mac and Cheese was creamy and rich and topped with some cheese crackers to add a crunch and crust to the dish. This is a must try burger when coming to The Porch. 

Overall if you haven’t tried out The Porch in Winter Park I highly recommend it. The Friendly atmosphere welcomes you as soon as you step in. The great food will keep you coming back.