As you walk into Swine and Sons for the first time, the bustling business is filled with smiling guests, excitedly talking about all the great things happening in Orlando these days. We made our way through the lunch rush line, perusing a seasonal menu full of delicious sounding, made-from-scratch meals. Finally settling on Pulled Pig , on our white bun, and with a side of potato salad. Florida Shrimp Roll, on our New England Hot-dog bun.

Key West shrimp, fennel, frisee, citrus segments, fines herbs, and citrus vinaigrette altogether make the Florida Shrimp Roll. This is a perfect summer-day lunch.  It is filling but still light enough you can make through the day without falling asleep.
The Pulled Pig is an exceptional pulled pork sandwich made with homemade bread and butter pickles, coleslaw, buttered white bun, and mustard. This is a filling sandwich with a lot of different flavor profiles that meld together into one cohesive meal. Homemade pickles are no easy feat and we were impressed with the crunchiness of the pickles.
Swine and Sons is under the Swine Family Umbrella, including Ravenous Pig, Polite Pig, and Cask and Larder. Described as a chef-lead catering company based in Winter Park, FL, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner at their brick-and-mortar location. They also providing catering for events across Orlando. If you haven’t been here yet, we recommend putting them at the top of your list. You’re going to want to be familiar with them as we head into the fast paced holiday season!

Photos by Shelly