Bromated flour has been treated with potassium bromate. In addition to the sum of similar results achieved in the bleaching process, bromate further promotes gluten development, strengthens dough elasticity, and increases tolerance to fermentation. Although bromate may seem like a convenient fix for one of the world’s oldest and…


Untrodden Ground


We have recently moved beyond our Orlando metro realm. A little over a month ago, we began delivering to Tampa. It began as a customer sample request – a potential client calls the bakery and asks us to show them specific products. I go to their location with a…


Saturday, November 20, we had the pleasure of participating in a landmark event for our local food scene, the first Winter Park Harvest Festival. It was an entire day and delicious evening of Florida food. The daytime event featured a farmer and vendor market in the West Meadow of…


Ever wonder why big stores tend to only sell fresh breads under the same name? You know, the breads in the perforated plastic baggies with a deli scale labels situated in rustic-looking basket? The primary reason is much deeper than the image, or the aroma of fresh baked bread….